Your Holiday Season Essentials

25th November 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But with endless queues, over-excitable children, never-ending wrapping, and realising you’ve bought enough food to last until next Christmas, it’s also one of the most chaotic. But good news! We’ve got your holiday wishlist in the bag with an Essential Audiobook for every occasion. We bet these gifts would make even Santa proud.

The car journey

It might be grandma’s you’re heading to, not the Emerald City, but there’s no reason it can’t still be an adventure. Keep the whole family happy with these travel treats.

  1. What better story for an epic journey than The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from Essential Audiobooks?
  2. You’re all dressed for the occasion, and the dog should be no exception. Make sure Toto (or Fido, or Snowy, or Rex) is looking his festive best with this personalised dog lead by Houndworthy.
  3. Who needs wings when you’ve got a cape? This cute fella is much friendlier than the Wicked Witch’s pets. Meet Super Monkey, the perfect car companion.
  4. Keep the kids busy and test your knowledge with these entertaining Travel Quiz Cards from Usborne.
  5. Click these heels together and you’ll be at Granny’s home in no time. These ruby red wellies are perfect for splashing around snowy gardens and following yellow brick roads.
  6. Store your travel sweets in this heart tin (see what we did there?). The personalised lid makes it a thoughtful gift too.
  7. Keep the driver happy and their brain watered with a super slick travel bottle like this one by Chilly’s.
  8. We fell in love with this gorgeous guy. Functional and adorable, this travel pillow will have your little munchkins sleeping like angels.

Stay tuned for our next list – gifts for those troublesome teens.

Written by Bryony Robertson

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