Your Essential Resolutions

3rd January 2017

Your New Year’s Resolutions are now even easier to keep, with the help of Essential Audiobooks.


  1. I will read all those classics I’ve been meaning to read for years.

You’re always go! go! go! with barely a moment to breathe let alone sit down and get stuck into a book. You’ve had your heard set on reading a classic for years, but it just never seems to be the right time. Audiobooks are the perfect solution for busy lives: listen on the go, or to unwind after a hectic day. Start with a classic like Austen’s Sense and Sensibility; witty, observant, and remarkably relatable, you’ll wonder why you left it so long.


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  1. I will spend more time with the kids.

This year is about spending quality time with the people who mean most. Switch off the TV and let their imaginations run wild, with tales the whole family will enjoy, like Stories from Herodotus by Lorna Oakes. Elegantly written, and concise enough for children to comprehend, and with more than enough adventure to keep them (and you) gripped, this audiobook also promotes thoughtful discussions on philosophical issues like destiny and happiness.


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  1. I will get fit.

If you’re in need of some serious gym motivation then look no further. Blackout by Sam Grenfall has been described as ‘young James Bond meets Breaking Bad’ and is guaranteed to get your heartrate going. Fast-paced and bursting with suspense, switch this on during your workout and you’ll have to prise yourself away from the treadmill – “Just one more chapter…”


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  1. I will travel more.

Whether you’re after a story to chill out with at the beach, or something to keep you occupied on a long journey, we’ve got you covered. Engross yourself an epic adventure tale such as The Cracked Amulet by R.B. Watkinson – even if you’re not on vacation, you’ll be transported to fantastical land full of mysterious creatures and eccentric characters.


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  1. I will make good use of my commute into work.

Listening to an audiobook on your way in and out of work can have transformative effects (check out this article here). Leave the crowded commuter carriage behind as you follow the brilliant and enigmatic Sherlock Holmes to the Devonshire moors, in Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective masterpiece, The Hound of the Baskervilles.


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  1. I will make more time for me.

Brushstrokes in Time by Sylvia Vetta is the perfect escape from everyday life. Heartrendingly emotive, historically accurate, and powerfully uplifting, this beautifully written fictional memoir of Little Winter, an artist growing up in post-Maoist China, is a wonderful accompaniment to a long bubble bath, or a cup of tea snuggled up in your favourite armchair after the children are tucked up in bed.


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Wishing you all a very happy 2017!

Essential Audiobooks x


Written by Bryony Robertson

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