5 Reasons Audiobooks Make the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

14th February 2017


Show them just how much you care, with an extra-special audiobook. Here’s why they’ll leave your loved one swooning.


  1. They’re lasting

If your Valentine is anything like us, that fancy box of chocolates you grabbed off the shelf is going to be inhaled in a matter of minutes, and the bouquet of flowers is likely to wilt far too soon. So, what could be better than a classic audiobook? A great work of literature that has withstood the test of time, endured changing fashions and remained fresh and relevant. A story that has been handed down from generation to generation, and can now be listened to again and again anywhere, any time. Perfect!


  1. They’re good for you

Listening to a good audiobook can help you unwind, and take you far away from struggles, stresses and worries. It can inspire you, motivate you, invigorate you. Switching on a gripping tale will make that dull gym workout fly by, and listening to a talented narrator whilst going for a walk can be like hearing from an old friend. And unlike chocolates, you can binge on an audiobook, with none of the guilt (or toothache).


  1. They’re thoughtful

It’s easy to settle for the usual – a teddy bear, some bubbly, a bath bomb… Sure, a dozen red roses might be romantic, but carefully selecting an audiobook for your loved one can show just how well you know them, and that’s something truly special. Perhaps you know they’re a Sherlock addict, or maybe they remind you of a character in your favourite Austen novel – picking the right audiobook for your Valentine is inventive, considerate and steers well clear of all those V-Day clichés.


  1. They can say exactly what you’re thinking

Whether you want to express your undying devotion for your partner, or are just working up the courage to ask that special someone out on a date, somehow, books always seem to have the right words. Go on, try it.


  1. They’re perfect for sharing

Audiobooks don’t have to be listened to alone; they’re ideal for enjoying together. Snuggle up and switch on your favourite, and you’ll both be transported to another land, leaving you with plenty to bond over afterwards. What’s not to love?

Written by Bryony Robertson

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